About us

Olga Freimann’s architectural bureau is one of the most successful and well-known in Moscow. This is recognized by both customers and the professionalcommunity. Olga Freimann is regularly included in the ratings of the top 25, 50,100 best interior designers according to the magazine Architectural Digest,participates as an expert in television programs and numerous publications, giveslectures at the school-studio “Details”. Her company was founded in 1998 andinitially focused on creating high-end residential and public interiors.

Olga Freimann is a representative of the academic school of architecture, asupporter of an exclusively professional approach to design. She graduated fromthe Moscow Architectural Institute, worked in Mosproject-2, and for many yearshas been engaged in private and public interiors, as well as designing estates,villas, cottages, and country houses. The company employs highly qualifiedarchitects and designers who have studied at the best Russian universities andhave completed internships in France and the Netherlands.

For more than twenty years of activity, the company has implemented more than150 projects of different scale and in different places of our country (Moscow,Moscow region, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk), near abroad (Kazakhstan), as well as farabroad (Italy, Cyprus). Among these objects there are also government mansions,public areas of exclusive Moscow houses, apartments in these houses, countryand foreign villas and much more. The company’s architects are equally successfulin working in a variety of styles from traditional or modern classics and Art Decoto high-tech and minimalism. All our projects are invariably distinguished by goodtaste and excellent quality.

Our work is based on an integrated approach to the creation of residential realestate objects, when at the stage of preparation of visualizations and drawings,not only planning solutions and decor are offered, but also technologies that playan increasingly important role in the interior. We treat each interior as thequintessence of the best, befitting a specific and individual interior task. We seethe pledge and guarantee of a good interior in the movement from convenienceto beauty, from function to health and positive emotions. We try to consider eachinterior as a subject of successful investment for our customers. And for this, theinterior must be relevant not only today, but also tomorrow, which means usingthe latest technological and engineering solutions. The attitude to housing as aninvestment object is supported by the principle of strict budgeting: the project budget is agreed with the client at the design stage, all work is carried out withinthe approved budget and is carried out strictly within the specified time frame.