Apartment for a young man in the Moscow region

The customer’s desire to make a modern and concise interior, turned into a brightfuturistic project with high-tech elements. The culprit of these changes was theunusual shape of the kitchen, which dictated the development of the entireinterior. Here the desire of the future owner to build all the kitchen “stuffing” notalong the walls, as usual, but a separate island affected. Initially, the layout wasfree, so when developing the project, only the location of the riser was taken intoaccount, to which it was necessary to tie the kitchen and bathroom.

From the kitchen island, the interior waves further apart: first, the theme of thesphere is picked up by the bend of the bar counter. Then the leitmotif iscontinued by spherical mirror lamps from Tom Dixon above the counter. Thesame lamps, but with different diameters, illuminate the sofa in the living room.And the theme is completed by an unusual floor lamp in the bedroom from thesame collection, consisting of mirror balls of different sizes. All together, itresembles the movement of planets in orbits around a star.

And the owner’s wish that the interior was eco-friendly and” home-like ” wasexpressed in the abundance of warm wood in the interior. It was decided tocompletely cover the walls with panels of dark cherry walnut. This reception notonly created a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house, but also emphasized themasculine character of the apartment.

This interior, despite its laconic character, offers an abundance of tactilesensations: the warm wood of the floor and walls, the delicate silk of the carpet,the cold of glass and chrome. The steel color of the walls enhances the play ofcontrasts of wooden panels and chrome pendant lights. Some of the walls arepaneled in walnut. On this warm background, cold accents were placed in theform of black-and-white photos with views of Moscow. All doors in the apartmentare made sliding. This technique does not so much save space as it opens up thespace, allowing it to flow smoothly from one room to another.

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