Apartment in the alleys of Arbat

For the owner of the apartment, it was fundamentally important to choose such apalette and materials that could become a universal background for placingpaintings and sculptures (while they will change over time). The owner lovesblack-and-white photography, and this fact has largely influenced the concept of aminimalist interior. Preference was given to monochrome, and to make the spacevisually more complex and diverse, an unusual combination of textures was used:the gloss of glass and mirrors sets off the weighty beauty of stone, suede, andleather. The author of the project abandoned traditional curtains – theminimalistic interior looks much more spectacular with two-layer roller blindswith the blackout function.

Furniture was also chosen laconic, strict forms. This approach allowed us to focuson art objects: a painting by A. Feoktistova, a sculpture by P. Astashov, aphotographs by V. Bliznyuk and a monochrome photo panel on porcelainstoneware in the area of the bar “Solovetsky Trees”. Curiously, even dishes andcutlery are particularly original, such as chrome cases in the shape of an egg fromChristofle.

As for the layout, the customer had certain requirements: an open large space, aspacious bathroom where you can take SPA treatments, a guest bathroom, aswell as a dressing room with a window that allows you to choose clothes innatural light. The heart of the living room and the key to comfort is the fireplace,which looks ultra-modern – it is built into glossy panels, closed with a glassscreen, and it can be controlled even from a smartphone. Very stylish and cozyturned out to be a bedroom. Part of the walls in it and the dressing room aredecorated with panels of suede, which gives an incredible tactile sensation.

The spectacular and modern bathroom, where all surfaces, up to the furniture,are lined with natural stone, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment: a hugeshower with the functions of a hammam, horizontal shower, hydro massage.

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