Apartment with a terrace in the center of Moscow

The area of this apartment is 300 sq. m, but it was not possible to build a largeopen space, because the owners of the apartment asked to allocate manyisolated rooms for all family members. The apartment has an entrance hall, a hall,two offices, children’s bedrooms and a master bedroom (all with their owndressing rooms and bathrooms), and a large hundred-meter terrace. Theapartment begins with an entrance hall and an office of the hostess. She works asa psychologist and consults at home, so the “reception” is located at theentrance. Unfortunately, she didn’t get any windows, so one wall is made ofmirrors. We can’t see what’s going on inside, but sunlight is coming in. Then thereis a hall, and from there the family part begins: a living room combined with adining room, and a corridor leading to the other rooms. The layout is designed insuch a way that everything is logically divided into general, adult and children’szones. Everyone has their own space, and no one bothers anyone.

Customers immediately identified the style – neoclassical – and decided on thecolor scheme. The choice fell on cold greenish and bluish shades. In the children’srooms, the colors are more cheerful, and in the hall the walls are rich maroon.This is done on purpose: from there we get into a bright living room, and incontrast it seems visually larger. The interior reflects the hobbies and interests ofcustomers. For example, in the living room there is a grand piano, on which thehostess plays. And there are also three canvases by Alexey Firsov, whose worksare loved by customers. The tile stove with biofuel, placed in the office, was acompromise between the desire to have a real fire in the room and the lack of achimney. Decorative elements with Chinese motifs appeared in the office becausethe customer’s work is connected with China and he is fond of Asian culture.

The large walk-in closet on the way to the master bedroom was also discussedseparately. One of its walls is decorated with old Italian engravings. This is asubtle hint that our compatriots prefer clothes and shoes from Italy. And theterrace offers a picturesque view of the Moscow River and the Central House ofArtists. However, due to the strong wind, it had to be partially glazed, which doesnot prevent you from admiring the panorama of the city.

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