Classic interior with a double-height space

The interior consists of several functional areas: an office, a library, a grandstaircase, a living area, an office, a wardrobe, an entrance hall and a kitchen.Wood is a traditional material for a classic interior, so the backbone of the interiorwas made up of wooden products, designed mainly in the classical style. Moderntrends such as minimalism and eco-design are also played out in the space.Instead of the usual door — sliding panels of solid wood cut, filled with organicglass, and in the office a worthy place was taken by a desk of modern design. Thesuperimposition of modern details on a classic basis is one of the distinctiveaspects of Olga Freiman’s skill, as she knows how to do it very organically anddelicately.

The entrance area is especially beautiful in this project. Wooden panels, cabinetsdecorated with facet mirrors, designed by the designer. Their configuration, therefraction of light in the mirrors, the reflection of details create a light, festive andsolemn atmosphere.

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