Gallery of Fine Arts

The authors are faced with the task of creating an exhibition center focused onthe classical art of the museum level. It was planned to exhibit works of famousWestern masters (sculpture, furniture, decorative and applied arts, paintings andgraphics) of the 17th and early 20th centuries, belonging to major Europeanantique houses. From the idea of creating a pompous copy of the mainmetropolitan museums, the architects immediately abandoned, betting on aneutral environment in which the signs of modern style prevail.

The museum space is organized on the principle of a central gallery with classicalPalladian proportions. The museum halls themselves are grouped around acentral corridor, equipped with transparent false doors that allow visitors to viewpart of the exhibition. The smallest of them are designed for the most valuableworks of art, the most open-for furniture and garden sculpture, the largest – forlarge-scale objects, such as consoles with mirrors and fireplaces.

The choice of finishing materials was determined by the desire to create anartistic space with scenic possibilities. Therefore, the floors are lined with blackpolished granite. In it, as in a mirror, furniture items, chandeliers, lighting arereflected. And the walls are decorated with gray paint. Against this background,paintings, sculptures, and antique items look especially profitable. The lightenvironment is formed by an artificial lighting system, selected taking intoaccount all museum requirements: mobile, equipped with professional lamps, thelight from which spreads evenly over the entire surface of the canvas, does notglare, and whose radiation does not spoil the paint layer.

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