House in the village of Tagankovo

This house is a large, 3200 sq. m. family residence, made in the tradition ofclassical palace architecture of the time of Napoleon III. The palace complex is anarchitectural ensemble with a luxurious park, a pond and a variety of buildings.The layout of the three-storey main house made of white stone in the spirit ofFrench classics has an axial structure and pronounced symmetry. Its core is themain hall with tiers of upper floors and a stained glass dome. The cruciformstructure of the building with semicircular glass verandas allowed the mostefficient use of numerous living spaces.

The decorative filling of the palace raises the interior art of modern masters tothe highest level. Each room is executed with great skill and understanding of thelaws of the classical genre and the features of specific styles and techniques.Literally every millimeter of the colossal volume of 3200 sq. m was worked out byhand and decorated by the best foreign and domestic specialists.

To give the interiors authenticity, ancient techniques were used: grisaille, gildedleucas painting, grotesque painting, Florentine marble mosaic, marquetry madeof precious wood, inlays made of tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and many others.An individual approach is embodied in the use of the most expensive andluxurious materials: rare varieties of marble, onyx, rock crystal, precious wood, aswell as specially designed pieces of furniture – replicas of classic samples. Thehighest quality of performing works and artistic products puts the palace nearMoscow on a par with the pearls of world classical architecture.

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