The house on the Novaya Riga

The architecture of the house was determined by the owner’s desire to preservethe trees on the site. The complex shape of the house fits perfectly into thelandscape. The semantic center of the space is a two-light living room, one wall ofwhich is completely made of glass. It faces the courtyard and has an additionalexit. The architect joined the work when the house was already built, the layoutwas determined, the main style of the interiors was set. However, theminimalistic design with an abundance of glass, metal and concrete was not tothe taste of the owners, the customer wanted to create a cozy, warm atmosphereof a family country house in nature. At the same time, the task was to preservethe constructivist style of construction in the interior, but to make it warm,comfortable and luxurious. In an effort to give the cold minimalistic volumeswarmth and comfort, the architect made a bet on natural wood. Wooden panels,floors, built-in furniture made of tabacco wood, Japanese apple and walnut aremade by Russian craftsmen at a high level of quality.

A note of luxury in the interiors brings natural stone: onyx in different shades andslate. The author of the project considers the onyx door between the living roomand the study to be a special success. It is made to order in an Italian factory.

Basalt was laid on the kitchen and wine cellar floors, and slate was added to thebedroom walls. In some places, as a reminder of the concrete past, the walls werepainted with gray paint with a rough texture. The richness of textures andmaterials that appeared in the house pleased the customer, but he wanted morecolor. So in the pool there was a piercing blue mosaic, in the kitchen – a rich redhood, in the dining room – the same color chandelier.

Not only the door to the living room is made of onyx, but also the washbasins inthe bathroom. Onyx, or rather, its color, gave the idea of decorating the wall inthe living room: they decided to put an image of the forest on it. But not ready-made photo wallpapers, but a specially created panel. Photographer ValeryBliznyuk went to Solovki, where he took a series of photos of an amazing tree inshape, which he then combined, printed on a canvas measuring 6×12 m andcovered with craquelure varnish.

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