Villa in Sardinia

The owner of this villa is passionate about travel, loves Italian culture andlandscapes, so the place for his future home was chosen carefully, so that fromevery window you can see the sea and the beauty of the landscape. The stunningview from the windows is emphasized thanks to the multi-level building. The villaconsists of several terraces, each of which contains the necessary premises forthe owners: a swimming pool, a guest house, a vineyard, a master’s house and asauna. The villa seems to be inscribed in the rock, which not only looks organic,but also helps to protect the building from strong winds. Integration into the locallandscape is clearly visible inside the house: the walls, floor and fireplaces aremade of granite, which was taken out of the rock during the construction of theseterraces. From the bedroom window, you can see a fragment of the rock fromwhich the villa is built. To soften the brutality and coldness of the stone, theinterior is designed to be warm in shades. That is why there is a lot of gold here:paintings on the walls, frescoes, paintings in gilded frames. The theme of thepaintings was not chosen by chance, they are based on mythological stories andlocal legends. In the living room, copies of the works of Giovanni Bellini, whorevived the Venetian school of painting, were made on the walls. Golden cloudsshine on the ceiling. The walls were also painted with gold. To create an Italianmood in the house and an atmosphere comfortable for living, we chose classicfurniture — including wooden chairs with carved backs and armrests. The diningarea is separated from the living room by interior windows decorated withdecorative shutters. A large onyx table was placed in the combined kitchen-diningarea. The fireplace in the dining room was covered with an antique grate.

Around the villa, a park was laid out, no less complex in layout than the house.Many plants had to be planted from scratch, and thanks to the mild climatethroughout the year, they quickly turned into beautiful greenery. Plants were alsoplanted on the roof: the island adopted a law that roofs should be hidden bygreenery, so as not to disturb the harmony of the landscape.

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