The company carries out:

  • Architectural design of private houses, villas, cottages;
  • Interior design of country houses, apartments, public areas of banks, hotels, offices, showrooms and restaurants;
  • Decoration of residential and public interiors;
  • Landscape design.

The creation of interiors takes place in the following stages.

At the first stage, the architect together with the customer draws up a technicaltask for the development of a design project. After measuring the object, thearchitect creates a sketch of the design project, reflecting the planning decisions.The sketch is made in computer graphics, it visualizes all the zones of the object.

After approval of the sketch by the customer, the design project is detailed at thesecond stage, including wall scans, ceiling and floor plans, lighting design, doors,placement of heating, water supply, sewerage, air conditioning and ventilationsystems. It also includes the selection of finishing materials, furniture, accessories,fireplaces, curtains, etc. At the third stage, the design project is adjusted andfinally approved by the customer. Creating a design project takes from 30 to 60days, depending on the size of the object. In the case of the implementation of adesign project by our company, the author’s and technical supervision isautomatically included in the scope of work on the implementation of the project.

The process of designing a house begins with the study of the originaldocumentation, on the basis of which the project proposal is prepared. Togetherwith the customer and in accordance with his preferences, the architecturalconcept of the house is determined, which is developed in the future in the formof planning solutions, facades, sections, floor plans with explication. It appears inthe form of demonstration materials (drawings, computer graphics). This stagetakes 20-30 working days. At the second stage, a working project is developed onthe basis of the approved draft design, namely: the general plan of the buildingsite, drawings of architectural and construction solutions, design of engineeringnetworks, etc. After the approval of the working project, a local estimate for the construction of the house is developed and preparatory and construction worksare carried out under the author’s and technical supervision of architects.

Payment for the design project and its implementation, as well as the project ofthe house and its construction, is made in advance in accordance with the stagesof work indicated in the contract.

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